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to make a film with your students

We'll make a festival-ready film with your student actors and filmmakers!














Here's how it works:


Greg Ivan Smith will come to your school to meet your students and teach on-camera acting classes with them. He then writes a new short film specifically for your students.


Once written, he returns to rehearse the film, and assist in any pre-production needs.


OneTakeFilms brings a professional film crew to your school (happily adding any budding filmmakers from your student body), and shoots the film over the pre-determined time frame.


We conduct these film shoots as we'd conduct any shoot with a professional cast and crew, with high expectations and tons of fun!


Our goal is NOT to make a "student film," but rather to create a professional-grade short film that screens in film festivals around the world!


Scary Larry, commissioned by Middlesex School (Concord, MA), featuring four student actors and three student crew members, premiered at the 2014 FLICKERS: Rhode Island International Film Festival! It just began its festival tour, with new screenings announced soon!















Ganymede, commissioned by King Low Heywood Thomas School (Stamford, CT), featuring eleven student actors and five student crew members, has just began its festival submission process, with premiere screenings announced soon!















Violin Case, commissioned by Middlesex School (Concord, MA), featuring eight student actors, three student crew members, and about 30 student extras, premiered at the 2012 Provincetown Film Festival!

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